The Hutts from Ohio
a family history of the Hutt family in Ohio from 1650

What lies within these pages is the story of the “Hutts from Ohio”, a title borrowed from a family tree tracing back to Dr. S.A. Hutt , born in the Chillicothe, Ohio, area in 1824.  The Hutts are one of Ohio’s pioneer families, having first been documented in Chillicothe during 1799.  Over 200 years later the legacy continues, as several direct Hutt descendants, including myself, still call Ohio home.  The Hutts from Ohio, especially during the 19th century, played significant roles in their communities, serving as prominent public figures including judges, doctors, postmasters, and school teachers.

The vast majority of names appearing within are the work of  Spence Atwell Hutt, III  and (Agnes) Catherine {“Caty”) Hutt , who compiled the list in the 1950s.   It appears the logging of names into a book format was the work of Spence Atwell Hutt, III , as a letter to Catherine announced its completion in 1952.  Much of the hand and type written notes of Caty Hutt  were digging into the Virginia roots of the family.

 I was handed a copy of the family tree in the early 1990s by my mother, Ruthellen Hutt Wise .  Until the explosion of information available via the internet, it sat in a file folder relatively untouched.  In 1999 I began to use the internet to dig into family.  In 1999 I also was sent a hand-written, revised version from George Marshall, who had been researching his family that included the Hutts.  He had contacted Austin Hutt, of Columbus, Ohio, in 1986 and been sent a copy of the "Hutts from Ohio" with a letter asking that should he find where the family descended from to let him know. While Caty’s notes uncover much of what I have found out today, apparently little was shared within the family of the Hutts prior to the first generations of Hutts to be born and raised in Ohio.

Thanks primarily to the work of Greg Newton, also Hutt descendant, links to the Hutts pre-dating Ohio show they were not only pioneers of Ohio, but pioneers of America.  Records of the earliest Hutts reveal arrival in America in the 1650s, with an extended lineage in the Potomac River region of northeastern Virginia.  This was known in some manner by Spence Atwell Hutt, III  as he referenced arriving in America in 1666 in a letter to Caty.  His hopes were to begin to delve deeper into the story of the Hutts, but he died a fews years later at the age of 54 in 1955.  This web site delves into the depths beyond what Spence and Caty created fifty years ago.

NOTES ON EACH PAGE WITHIN: This web page is designed with each individual page containing the husband and wife, children and a biography.  Links from each child or parent will take you to their page for similar data.  Items that have been verified with a source include a footnote link to its bibliography at the bottom of the page.  At the bottom of each page are links to a master index of names.

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