FAMOUS FOLKS that married into the Hutt family

George Washington - 1st President of the United States

George Washington is not a direct descendant of the Hutt family, but is
connected to it through by marriages.

Daniel Hutt married Temperance Gerrard in Virginia in 1669.  Temperance was one of ten children to Dr. Thomas Gerrard.  While Dr. Gerrard's sons would leave him without males to carry on the name, his daughters would marry wealthy and marry often.  Temperance married two more times following Daniel's death.

Temperance's sisters, Anne and Frances, would marry in succession Colonel John Washington, the great-grandfather of George Washington.   Neither would bear the offspring that would be Washington's grandfather, as Anne Pope, first wife of Colonel John Washington bears that honor.  After her death, Washington married Frances Gerrard, and after Frances' death married Anne Gerrard.1

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, where Daniel Hutt lay roots for the Hutt family in America.  While no primary sources have been uncovered to date to prove a relationship, it is completely within the realm of reason that the Hutts and Washingtons knew one another.  A footnote while researching Daniel Hutt in Maryland Genealogies lends support, as a reference to Daniel Hutt is to lie in the book Washington and his Neighbors.

General George A. Custer  - Little Bighorn's Big Loser

A very distant relative of the Hutt family is General George Armstrong Custer, who was slain in the legendary Indian battle of Little Bighorn in the Dakota Badlands.

9th Generation Hutt descendant, Ruthellen Hutt (great-great-grandaughter of Nimrod Hutt), married Fred Wise in 1966.  Fred Wise is the fourth cousin, three times removed of General Custer.  That lineage follows as such:

Paul Kuster
has son: George has son: Emanuel  __ other children
has son: George II has son: ?
has daughter Hannah, who marries John Horn has son: Emanuel
have son: Levi Horn has son George A. Custer
has daughter: Lillian, who marries Leo Holmes
have daughter: Helen, who marries Ronald Wise
have son: Frederick, who marries Ruthellen Hutt


1: Maryland Genealogies, A Consolidation of Articles from the Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. I, pp. 478-503

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