NIMROD HUTT (1770-1848)

Nimrod Hutt 
July 14, 1770, Westmoreland Co., Va.
January 21, 1848, Chillicothe, Oh.
Francis (Fanny) Atwell
1797, Virginia 
June 3, 1875, Hillsboro, Oh.
MARRIAGE unknown
PARENTS Gerard Hutt, III unknown
Thomas Hutt (Feb. 23, 1816 - )
William Hutt (abt. 1819)
Martha Hutt (bet. 1815-1825)
Spence Atwell Hutt (Sep. 18, 1824 - Oct. 25, 1900)
Frances (Fannie) Hutt (1831)
Nimrod Hutt (1827-1857)
Emily Hutt (1835)


Nimrod Hutt followed his brothers out to Ohio from Virginia. While he eventually lands in his brother's hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio, Nimrod first comes to Circleville, Ohio, some 20 miles north up the Scioto River from Chillicothe in 1805.  Conceivably he followed other Virginia Hutts, as an Elizabeth Hutt is listed in early Ohio census records in Pickaway County (of which Circleville is the county seat).  Within the next 10 years, he sets out for the Chillicothe area, where he will remain a merchant until his death.1  Various Census data and histories of Ross County show Nimrod to live in various points in the county.   His fourth child, Spence, is to have been born near Frankfort, northwest of Chillicothe.  Various records show him in Bainbridge and Buckskin townships.  Nimrod is buried in Paxton Township Cemetery, which is located within two blocks of the middle of Bainbridge (see gravemarker below).

It is clear, however, that Nimrod was heavily involved in mercantile pursuits. An April, 1815, issue of the Scioto Gazette first mentions Nimrod in the Chillicothe area as a merchant:

"Thos. Cohen, clock and watchmaker, has opened his shop in the house lately occupied by John Dunn, shoemaker, next door to William Robinson's watchmakers' shop and opposite Nimrod Hut's store." 2
He is supposed to have run a hotel in Bainbridge, but a researcher from that area does not recollect it's existence in Bainbridge.  Tax records have not been researched yet for Nimrod to pinpoint locations of residence and business.

His wife, Fanny, moves to Hillsboro, Highland County, with her son Nimrod, Jr. within 10 years of her husband's death.  Highland County is adjacent to Ross County and is about 10 miles west of Bainbridge.  Fanny dies in Hillsboro in 1875 and is buried there.  She outlives the son she moved there with, as Nimrod, Jr., as well as a granddaughter.

Two of Nimrod and Fanny's sons, Spence and Nimrod, Jr., go on to be physicians in the area.  Nimrod dies young at age 30 in 1857, while Spence lives to see the dawn of the 20th Century, dying in October of 1900.  His oldest son, Thomas, appears to have inherited the hotel business, as the 1850 Census shows several non-family residents.  Thomas dies in 1860, the only of Nimrod's children left in Ross County, and is buried next to his father (see marker below). Nimrod's second born son, William, moved to Monroe, Iowa in 1855 and died there in 1908 (see marker below).

Martha, the eldest daughter, marries into the Rockhold family of Bainbridge.  Throughout the second half of the 1800s the Rockholds were notable in the area owning many of the central town buildings, including a hotel.  Conceivably, this could be the hotel run by Nimrod and later his son Thomas.  The Rockhold's are also both a pioneer family to Ohio and America.  Martha died in 1894, ironically in Circleville, Ohio, where Nimrod first resided in Ohio.

Nimrod Hutt's marker in
Paxton Township Cemetery,
Bainbridge, Ohio

Nimrod Hutt's marker stands upright, son Thomas Hutt's is lying flat (in Dec. '99 it had been propped sideways against Nimrod's marker).
Paxton Township Cemetery,
Bainbridge, Ohio

William Hutt (son of Nimrod) marker in Paxton 
Township Cemetery,
Bainbridge, Ohio


1: History of the Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio, comp. by Allen Richmond
        also available on-line at:

2: Scioto Gazette, Vol. XIII, Mon, April __ 1815, #736

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