William Henry Hutt
December 17, 1892, Waverly, OH
August 3, 1947, Rock Bridge, OH
Ruth Hutchins
October 18, 1913, Amanda, OH
October 3, 1991, Huntsville, AL
MARRIAGE January 16, 1936
PARENTS Micajah & Urabelle Hutt Amos Hutchins & Carrie Young

Gordon William Hutt (1937- )
Ruthellen Hutt (1940- )


Photo of William Henry Hutt
taken in the middle 1890s.

Being the son of a political figure in
Waverly, Bill's birth was trumpeted on
the front page of the Waverly Courier
on December 21, 1892.  The "Social Events" (right) listed the headline (6th
header down) with the story below.

Bill worked at length for the U.S. Postal Service in Columbus.  Bill was the first to deliver the mail door-to-door in Waverly, but work for the post office was not a paid position.  As the Drepression gathered steam, Bill left for greener pastures of Columbus.  He moved to Columbus from Waverly in 1929, first living at the Dennison Hotel and then later on S. High Street while working for the Columbus Post Office. He met Ruth Hutchins at a VFW dance in Columbus and, despite a 20-year difference in ages, were married by 1936. They lived first in the Hilltop area of western Columbus, nearby to others in the Hutt clan.  
These pictures, in daughter Ruthellen's possesion, are said to have Bill Hutt in them.  In the left-hand picture, Bill (assumed) is holding a turkey; he is seated in the middle picture.  The picture on the right is a photo post card of the canal in Waverly.  This photo also appears in a book on Wavelry with several of the individuals noted, but some unknown.  Bill is said to be one of those.
Soon after the birth of their second child, Bill fell seriously ill and retired.  Ruth then went to work during World War II for the airplane industry in Columbus.  Ruth served as one of America's "Rosie the Riveter's" - ladies who answered the call to duty to replace men in the workforce while the men served abroad.  She was affectionately called Ruthie the Riveter.  Ruth worked on planes such as the Curtis Wright P-40, famous for duty over Japan in the early stages of World War II.
The family moved from Columbus after the war "to the country" in order for William to recuperate.  Home was Rock Bridge, Logan County, Ohio.  But Bill was not able to overcome his illness and died at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus in 1947, leaving behind a 10-year old son and 7-year old daughter.

As his birth was reported on the front page of the Wavelry News, so was Bill's death in 1947.  So prominent were the Hutts in Waverly that despite living outside of the community for well over 20 years, a Hutt death rated front page news.  The notice was located on the upper half of the fold of the August 7, 1947, Pike County Republican.

The family again moved, this time to Lancaster in Fairfield County, to be closer to Ruth's family.  The Hutchins are also a pioneer family to Ohio, having first located to Fairfield County at some point prior to 1820.  Like the Hutt family, the Hutchins also can lay claim to being early settlers to the Americas, settling around present day Baltimore, Maryland in the late 1600s.

Ruth continued working to support the family, spending the vast amount of her working life at Anchor Hocking, a glass company located in Lancaster.  Ruth commuted by in large on foot around the city of Lancaster, having only owned or operated a car but a few times.  Her son, Gordon, enlisted in the Navy and spent a career undersea in nuclear submarines, rising through the ranks to command the USS Indianapolis in the early 1980s.  Her daughter, Ruthellen, trained to be a secretary.  One of her first assignments was at Battelle in Columbus, a firm with many Department of Defense contracts.

Ruth contracted several illnesses at the end of her life.  While recuperating at her son Gordon's home in Alabama in 1991, she died after suffering a hemorrhage of the brain.  Despite spending the majority of her life in Fairfield County, she is buried at the side of Bill in Waverly, Ohio.
Gordon & Ruthellen
Gordon & Ruthellen, c. 1941
Ruthellen & Ruth

William H. Hutt & Ruth Hutt marker in Evergreen Cemetery, Waverly, Ohio

(located on Micajah Hutt's plot)


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