MICAJAH HINSON (1807-1878)
Micajah Hinson
April 9, 1807, Waverly, Pike Co., OH
Feb. 20, 1878, Waverly, OH
Rebecca Lewis
April 15, 1807, Pennsylvania
Aug. 19, 1846, Waverly, OH
MARRIAGE April 29, 1830, Waverly, Ohio
PARENTS Henry Hinson (speculated) Joseph Lewis & Rachel Richardson

Keziah Hinson (1831-1910)
Henry Hinson (bef. 1846 - )
Joseph Hinson (bef, 1846 -1903 )
Micajah Hinson (1846-1846)
Rachel (Seide) Hinson (bef. 1846 - )
John Hinson (bef. 1846 - )

Not much has been found yet on Micajah Hinson, other than his family being a pioneer Ohio family.  There are records showing a Henry Hinson moved from North Carolina to the Ross County area in the late 1700s (Pike County would be formed out of Ross County in the mid 1810s).  Unfortunately, proof to this family has yet to be established.  Tracing the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Censuses, there are several Hinsons and Hensons in Ross and Pike Counties that could be Micajah's father, but no significant leads as to which one.

His wife, Rebecca, died in 1846. It can be speculated that it might have been from complications during labor, as Micajah Hinson, II, died in infancy in 1846. 

Micajah's death was recorded in the February 19th, Waverly Watchman

“Micajah Hinson, one of the oldest citizens, of Waverly, is lying dangerously ill at the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. S.A. Hutt – Mr. Hinson is about seventy-five years of age and has resided, we believe, in Waverly ever since it was laid out.  His death is hourly expected."

Hinson Family marker at 
Evergreen Cemetery 
in Waverly, Ohio.  It is 
either adjacent to, or 
part of, Spence Hutt's 
family plot.

Small markers to
the left & right of 
the big marker are 
also Hinson graves

The Census Data for Micajah Hinson show him to be a carpenter, which is supported in his daughter Kezia's obituary.  Micajah built a house for his family on Walnut Street in Waverly, Ohio.  It is possible that the house is still standing, as several historic houses line the first four blocks of Walnut Street today.  Two deeds were recorded in Pike County for Micajah in 1839 and 1841.  The description of the 1841 property appears to be the one on Walnut Street, but without addressing or platte maps it is difficult to tell using landmarks from the 1840s.

The two oldest sons, Henry and Joseph, served Ohio during the Civil War.  Both apparently mustered in during 1861 as privates and mustered out as officers in 1865.  Henry ended his service as a Lieutenant in the 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (in the same regiment as John D. Madeira, John Hutt's grandson). Joseph Hinson rose to the rank of Lt. Col, and apparently was the commanding officer of the 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Joseph moved to Menasha, Wisconsin during the 1870s and spent the last years of his life in Tacoma, Washington close to his children.

Little has been found about John and Rachel.  In my possession are approximately two dozen letters from Joseph and "Seide" Hinson.  As I have no evidence of Keziah Hinson having a nickname, I can only assume that Seide and Rachel are the same.  The letter she signed "Seide" was to her brother Henry and was addressed "near Vicksburg Mississippi" and dated in the late 1860s.  The bulk of the letters are from Joseph Hinson to his nephew.  One of the letters is addressed to Austin Hutt (son of Spence Hutt and Keziah Hinson), who would be his nephew, and it is assumed that all of these letters are to Austin.   None of the letters mention Micajah, Keziah, John or Rachel, but a few mention sister "Seide" and brother Henry.  The letters are mainly general correspondence between relatives.


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