AUSTIN HUTT (1852-1931)
Austin Hutt, I
Apr. 5, 1852, Waverly, OH
Nov. 18, 1931, Columbus, OH
Margaret Flanagan
Dec. 8, 1861
May 18, 1932, Columbus, OH
MARRIAGE Sep. 26, 1883, Waverly, OH
PARENTS Spence & Keziah Hutt  

Agnes Catherine Hutt (Dec. 26, 1884 - Apr. 26, 1966) {did not marry}
Spence Atwell Hutt (Jun. 14, 1887 - Nov. 15, 1892)
Rebecca Jane Hutt (Mar. 21, 1890 - Aug. 16, 1943)
Starling Hinson Hutt (1894-1987)
Margaret Hutt (1896-1897)

Austin followed in his father's footsteps by practicing medicine.  Graduating from the same medical school, Starling Medical College in Columbus, Austin began his practice in Waverly in 1876.1   While living in Waverly in the late 1800s, Austin owned a large tract of land along what is today U.S. Route 23.  The land was located just north of Waverly, according to a county platte map from the late 1800s hanging today in the Pike County Courthouse corridors.

ad appearing in 1881 newspapers
Much as with the rest of the Hutt family, Austin was prominent in the Waverly community.  During the middle 1890s, Austin served as President of the Board of Education for the Waverly Schools.  It appears Austin remained in Waverly until after the death of his mother, Kezia, in 1910.
Austin Hutt's former home on Walnut St., Waverly, Ohio as photographed October 2000.

Around 1912, at age 60, Austin Hutt first appears in Columbus.  Listed in the Polk's city directory, he resides at 2323 W. Broad St. on the near west side of Columbus (an area known today as the Hilltop).  This becomes the location of his residence and practice until his death in 1931.  At the time of his death, at age 79, Austin was still practicing medicine.1

Many of his siblings had also relocated to the west side of Columbus.  His sister, Keziah, is listed in the Polk's directory as a stenographer living on Goodale St. in Columbus in 1905.  This is the first of the Hutts to migrate north to Columbus.  In 1910 Austin's daughters Catherine and Rebecca J. are listed as teachers, living at 71 S. Highland.  His nephews, Thomas and Bill (children of Micajah) also move to the west side of Columbus in the late 1920s.

Austin served as the physician of record for the death certificates of brothers Nimrod and Micajah, sister Rebecca and his mother, Kezia. Dr. Austin Hutt's home and practice on West Broad St. is now a corner parking lot.
Of his five children, two did not survive childhood.  The time surrounding the death of his second child, and first son, Spence Atwell, must have been an extremely taxing time.  

Spence's death was recorded on the front page of the Waverly newspaper, as was many of the Hutt's family happenings in the late 1800s.  According to the November 16th, 1892 Waverly Courier, Spence died of diptheria.  Margaret, Austin's wife, also contracted diptheria.  Accounts differ between the Nov. 17th Pike County Republican and Waverly Courier as to Margaret's health.  The Republican reported her health in dire conditions while the Courier noted her health as "most favorable."  As the Hutts tended to be democrats, perhaps the Courier was more accurate!

The birth announcement of Austin's nephew, William Henry (son of Micajah), was another front page story.  But it was a front page story in that same issue regarding the Waverly Schools that contained Austin's name.  According to the December 21st, 1892 Waverly Courier, Austin was unable to attend a meeting (and cast a vote) due to illness.

Topping off 1892, the December 29, 1892 Republican reported that "little Becca Jane" (Austin's third child, Rebecca) had survived a scare from pneumonia.

one of several traumatic
events of 1892 for Dr. 
Austin Hutt and family, as
reported in the Nov. 16,
1892 Waverly Courier.

His surviving son, Starling, was the only child to bear offspring.  Starling, most likely named for the medical school Austin graduated from, remained in the Hilltop area of Columbus.  To this day, Columbus phone book records show an Austin Hutt, most likely the son of Starling and grandson of Austin, living within a few blocks of Austin's home and practice.

Austin's daughter Rebecca married August Wendell Wilhem on December 29, 1923.  Agnes Catherine, who did not mary, spent considerable time compiling the Hutts from Ohio family tree (from which much of this web site borrows).  Agnes and Rebecca both were teachers at the West Broad Street School.  The school still stands today and is part of the Columbus Public Schools, serving as an elementary school.  Many of the Hutts were involved in public education, especially those who migrated to Columbus.

Above: Austin's marker

Left: Dr. Austin Hutt family marker
(markers for Austin & Peru's families)

 Evergreen Cemetery, Waverly, Ohio


1: Waverly Republican (newspaper), November 25th, 1931.

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