PERU HUTT (1853-1937)
Peru Hutt
July 20, 1853 Waverly, OH
Dec. 17, 1937, Columbus, OH
Mary Euphamia Givens
June 21, 1855
Oct. 31, 1941, St. Clairsville, O.
MARRIAGE Nov. 7, 1875, Waverly, OH
PARENTS Spence & Keziah Hutt Samuel Givens & Mary Sailor

Lulu May Hutt (July 20 or 24, 1876 - )
Maude Leona Hutt (Nov. 4, 1878 -Mar. 14, 1893)
Fannie Givens Hutt (Sept. 21, 1880 - Oct. 28, 1934)
Mary Keziah Hutt (April 15, 1885 - July 24, 1885)
Rachel Ruth Hutt (July 1, 1890- )


Peru, the second born of Spence and Keziah, also mainted a career in the medical field like his father and older brother, Austin.  Peru was a druggist, known today as a pharmacist.  As his father and mother, Peru's death was recorded on the front page of the Waverly newspaper, The Republican Herald.  He died after a short bout of Pneumonia at the age of 84, leaving behind a wife of 62 years and two daughters.
Ad appearing in 1881
Waverly newspapers
Peru was first involved in the milling business in Waverly, but changed to the drug business.  He served as a druggist for the community for 56 years.  As many other Hutts, he was also involved in public service, teaching Sunday school at the Waverly Methodist Church.  Peru also served as a magistrate for 10 years.  He was also reported as an authority on Pike County history, "a student of nature" and often wrote articles for the newspaper.1

Peru Hutt had ads placed in the Pike County Republican for his drug store over at least six months in 1881.  It appears to be in the same building as Drs. Austin and Spence Hutt, who placed ads in the same paper in the latter part of 1880.  Both refer to a building on Second Street.  It appears that Peru opened his store in their building, but primarily served prescriptions from Capt. J.L. Hill, mentioned in his ad. 

Upon his death, his residence was noted as Walnut Street.  On this street also lived his mother, Kezia upon her death in 1910.  It may be possible that Peru was living in the home of his mother, which was built in the 1840s by Kezia's father.  But it is more likely that he also had a residence on Walnut St.

Deed records in the late 1800s for Pike County do not give an accurate description of the location of a home along a street.  Deed records show that Spence Hutt purchased land between 1884 and 1895, and that Peru's brother Austin purchased land in 1910 from his mother, Kezia, but records have not been found yet showing a deed with Peru's name in the late 1800s.  

Spence's residence in the 1880s appears to be the corner of Walnut and Market.  Peru's address is not known yet during this time.  It is conceivable that Peru lived in his mother's house after Spence's death in 1900.  

Peru's front page headline
from the Dec. 23, 1937, 
Waverly Republican Herald

Peru's wife, Mary came from a similar pioneer family.  The Givens family came to America in 1794 from Belfast, Ireland and in the early 1800s settled in Ohio.  Mary was the 11th child, and youngest (of those that survived infancy), of Samuel Givens and Mary "Polly" Sailor.2  The Sailors were also a pioneer family to the Scioto Valley, arriving before Ohio statehood.

Of Peru & Mary's children:

  • Lulu May married Dr. Samuel Lewis West (Feb. 23, 1860 - July 25, 1924), son of Henry West and Agnes Parker3, on June 18, 1902.  Their wedding was reported on the front page of the June 19, 1902 Waverly News.  Dr. West was from St. Clairsville and following the wedding the couple set off for their new home in St. Clairsville.  After Peru's death, wife Mary moved to St. Clairsville and would die there in 1941.  The family history shows Lulu born on July 24th, but Pike County marriage records list it as July 20th.3  Their children were:
    • Henry Hutt West, born Mar. 18, 1903 in Waverly, Ohio, died Feb. 1977 in St. Clairsville, Ohio; 
    • Lewis Parker West, born June 11, 1906 in Waverly, died Jan. 27, 1988 in Haworth, NJ.  Lewis Parker married Lillian Wilkinson.  Lewis and Lillian had one child, David Parker West, born in 1947.
  • Maude Leona Hutt died at age 15.
  • Fannie Givens Hutt is likely named after her great-grandmother, Fanny, and her mother's maiden name (a common Hutt occurance with middle names).  She  married Robert McCracken Hamilton on November 22, 1922, but had no children.
  • Mary Keziah Hutt died at the age 3 months and 9 days.
  • Rachel Ruth Hutt married James Garfield Moody (Nov. 7, 1880 - June 4, 1941), son of B.F. Moody and Melissa Schrock3, on October 28, 1914.  To this union were three children: 
    • Mary Janet Moody (1916- ), who married Donald Machan in June of 1951;
    • Paul Hutt Moody (Apr. 21, 1919 - April, 1979, Dayton, OH), who married Loraine Hagen on Mar. 31, 1951; 
    • Elizabeth Roberta Moody (1924 - ), who married Robert Folz in May, 1951.  Paul Hutt Moody served in World War II.

Marker for Peru Hutt,
Evergreen Cemetery,
Waverly, Ohio

(plot with Dr. Austin Hutt)


1: Waverly Republican (newspaper), December 23rd, 1937.

2: Beaver Valley Pioneers, Pike County Ohio, 1800-1947, H.E. Brill, "Givens Group" pp. 127-145 (Hutt reference, p. 145)

3: 1815-1915 Pike County Marriages (Ross County Library)

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