The Letters of Fannie Robinson Swayne

Fannie Swayne wrote several letters to William McClintock, a Chillicothe Journalist compiling information for the Centennial of Chillicothe in 1898.  Her letters were written to him in 1896 in response to his requests in the Chillicothe newspaper.

From the archives of the Ross County Historical Society
Margins, tabs, abbreviations, spellings, spacing, etc. all duplicated from original letter

Great Grandfather

Gerard Hutt-  born  10th of Nov.  1734 – England
Caty Spence  “   9th of June   1740 – Scotland
The above were married   Aug.  1760-

Mollie Hutt- daughter of the above born Sept. 9th 1761-
Was married to James S. Dosier Jan. 20th 1780

John Hutt- born Sept. 5th 1763- My children were all
Gerard Hutt- Nov. 28th 1765- born in Westmoreland Co.
Thomas Hutt- Jan 30th 1768- Virginia, not far from the
Nimrod Hutt- July 14th 1770- mouth of the Potomac &
Wm Spence Hutt- Jan 11th 1773- about fifty miles from
Ursula Hutt- April 6th 1776- Point Lookout
These were all the children of Gerard & Caty Spence Hutt

Our Grandfather oldest son of the above

John Hutt- was married to Elizabeth Crockwell
March 3rd 1799-
Elizabeth Crockwell daughter of John & Mary his wife
Was born in Winchester Frederick Co. Virginia
Feb 18th 1775
 Children of the above John & Elizabeth Hutt-
Martha Maria was born in Charlestown Berkely Co Va
Dec 8th 1799- Departed this life Aug 3rd 1800 and
Deposited in the Methodist Episcopal Cemetery of said town

William born in same town and Co Feb 21st 1801-
Departed this life Sept 2nd 1801 and deposited in Winchester
Frederick Co Va in the Episcopalian Cemetery

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Eliza born in Chillicothe Ohio Ross Co Dec 3rd 1802.
Died Sept 17th 1825.
Mary Constance Sept 15th 1805
Emily Virginia Feb 19th 1807, Died Jan 27th 1859
Caty Spence  May 1st 1809
Caty was baptised by Rev William Langdon

Caty Hutt- mother of John Hutt- departed this life May 29-1812
She was 72 years old lacking 11 days – she was interred
in the burial ground granted by Wm Greggon, her funeral
was preached at my house, by the Rev Solomon Langdon
her funereal was attended by a numerous and respectable
crowd of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Chillicothe who
were well pleased with the discourse.

John Hutt- died in Chillicothe Ohio Aug 25th 1833
Elizabeth Hutt- his wife  July 23rd, 1835

This is all copied from Grandfathers old Bible which
has long [next word illegible?] in written by himself the most of it.
He left Virginia Sept 27th 1801- and arrived at Chillicothe
Ross Co Ohio Nov 13th 1801- with a large company
of neighbors and friends .

In suming [sic] up the professions or business find there have
been seven Doctors – Seven Postmasters - & four judges
Gerard Hutt was Postmaster for years in Va – and a cousin over 30 years

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Descendents of John Hutt [page header]

Mary Hutt Madeira  1 Daughter Elenor 1 Son John D Madeira

Caty Hutt Robinson-
Solomon Spence born Dec 25th 1827- five children
one living John J Robinson-
Eliza Hutt Oswald Feb 27th 1829- no children Dead
Mary Elizabeth Timmons  April 25th 1831- five children
1 grandson
 John Hutt Robinson  May 31st 1833- 2 Daugh-5 grandchildren
 Emily Ursula Timmons  5 daughters 1 son – 7 grandchildren
 Thomas James  Aug 6 – 1839 – Dead
 Kate Frances Swayne  Mar 4th 1841- 1 Daughter  [“(Harrison Baby)” written above line)
Martha Maria Molls- Jan 11th 1842 – 1 “  1 Son
Elenor Harriet Folls- Sept 9-[“dead” written above line] 1844 2 Daughters
Wm Henry Robinson- May 17th 1848  1 “ [ditto under daughters from above] – 2 Sons-
Charles Martin Robinson.  Oct 5th  1850 – Dead
 Children of
Emily Hutt Taylor
Mrs. Sallie E. Black
John E. Taylor
Charles Taylor   Dead

We have Thomas Crockwells Silhouette spotted with age-
The Crockwells were Scotch that’s where we all get our
yellow hair from.  I am learning more than I ever knew before
in the search for old items.

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Judge William S Hutt has sons living in Little Rock Arkansas
We do not know any  thing about them.

Dr. Spence Hutt of Waverly Ohio Son of Nimrod Hutt
has an everlasting tribe, theonly ones living to perpetuate
the name, they had a family reunion several years
ago and sent us list of the children & grandchildren
long as the mortal law I would not undertake to copy it.
The late Mrs. Nat Rockhold of Hillsboro
Mrs. David Rockhold of Avoca Iowa are Daug of Nimrod
but I guess what I have sent you is enough.

I send you some clippings from papers thought perhaps
you could find some items of interest.  Bro says
between 80-90 he sent a great many pieces to the Gazette
but he has no copys – all in regard to the early days
of Ohio.  I also send you a Recp from Mr. Edwards the man
Thomas killed and was hung for in 1846. Also an
old Recpt  mustered  out Certificate –something I never knew
before [underlined] that father had ever been a soldier.  now take
good care of these and return [underlined] when you are thro with
them.  Gerard Hutt had a Brother a member of the English
Parliament some time in 1700 we have always heard
but don’t know any thing about it;  The clipping in regard
to Commodore Walker was very interesting to me for I saw
the splinters and old shells and had a peice [sic] of a shell
but don’t know where it is. He come right up and took us down
before the Boat was cleaned out it was dreadful

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